March 30, 2017

International Service 主同在双语崇拜

International Service

The 2pm International service started in 2017 as a part of the ministry of OTBC. We have seen people who were local and from overseas that joined us to serve our Lord Jesus with their gifts and love and passion for Christ.

作为OTBC教会的一部分,下午2点的聚会始于2017年。我们已经看到了无论是当地的还是海外的人来到我们当中, 用他们的恩赐、热情和对基督的爱一起来服事。

We thank God for His faithfulness throughout the last two years.  He has done marvellous work in our midst to save, restore, reconcile and heal, based on His truth.  We also have witnessed that He was doing what the vision statement said, which was in the light of the church vision – “People, Location, Renewal”:


Our Vision Statement:

We are a group of people originally from local and overseas, chosen by the Lord Jesus, being trained as His true disciples – a new creation, being led by the Spirit of truth to walk and to do His will. We will be like an instrument of righteousness, to be His workers into His harvest field, to sow and to reap from locally and overseas; with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be fruitful and able to make disciples of all nations to glorify Jesus’ name.


We seek a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord personally, and loving connection with others in the church community and beyond.  This is in order that we may grow mature in faith, to be fully prepared as His co-worker for His Kingdom’s use. Therefore, some of the ways to practice our faith in the church community can be to join a small group, use our gifts to serve one another, engage with the church in many programmes, and so on.


So far, we have had Indian, Filipino, South Korean, Chinese and Kiwis together to worship Jesus. Due to our Chinese who do not understand English sermons very well, we deliver the Sunday message in English and Mandarin. But we read the bible verses in different languages with English, so that everyone may enjoy the beauty, diversity and unity of the creating work of God in language and in love.

目前,我们有印度人、南韩人、中国人,和kiwi一起来参与下午的主日敬拜。由于我们中国人对英文讲道不太听得明白,所以每周主日信息以中英文的形式来分享。 盼望每位肢体都能享受神的爱,和祂创造语言的不同又统一性的美妙。

No matter your nationality, background, culture or language – you are welcome to be part of our International service. We value being a multicultural and interethnic group together as we seek His Kingdom to come and His will be done in this place.  We look forward to meeting you at the International service!

不论你是什么国籍、背景、文化和语言,我们欢迎你成为我们国际堂中的一员。我们更盼望这个聚会能成为多文化和多种族的一个聚会,愿神的国降临,神的旨意成就在我们当中。 期待在聚会中见到你!

Sunday Service: 2:00pm – 3:40pm.

主日聚会: 2点 -3:40点

Sermons from Sunday’s services

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