Our People

Church is a 'people' word. Some of our people fulfil church leadership roles: at OTBC we have Elders, Team Leaders, Pastoral and Administrative staff. Here they are!

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Gail Baty

ELDER > Gail has been involved in OTBC since 1980 and serves as an Elder where she brings her wise, calm thinking to our meetings. She enjoys singing worship with a group & welcoming the Church family on Sundays. Gail holds a real loyalty to Oxford Terrace and believes its location in the heart of the City is significant.

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David Collins

ELDER > David has been a member since 2002 after moving down from Auckland. He has served the church in a number of ways including being the property team leader previously, before being elected as Congregational Elder. He can usually be found in the kitchen doing the washing up during church functions.

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Keith Macfarlane

ELDER > Keith MacFarlane is one of our Elders here at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church.

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Anthony Patterson

ELDER > Anthony Patterson is one of our Elders here at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church.

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Kylie Jones

PRAYER TEAM LEADER > Kylie has been attending OTBC since 2004, where the Youth Group, leadership roles and serving opportunities helped grow and solidify her faith. Kylie’s passion for prayer comes from wanting to explore and educate everyone in their unique way to converse with God. Her other main passion is writing poems and stories.

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Deborah Bowden

LOCAL ENGAGEMENT TEAM LEADER > Deborah leads the Friday night Drop In with a team to supply a supper, games, chat and a monthly quiz for people in the community. She is leading the team that cooks meals monthly at City Mission, and connects with other community groups in our area

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Alicia Scroggins

HOUSING TEAM LEADER > Alicia has been part of the OTBC family since Jan 2019 and can’t wait for new neighbours to move in when stage two is completed. Working as a social worker for a local community housing provider, Alicia brings both passion and expertise to the role as Housing Team Leader.

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Carron Stevenson

PASTORAL CARE > Carron came to OTBC in July 2020 following the death of her husband. As a people person, her gifting naturally led to pastoral care, a role she filled in a previous church. Carron is as close as the end of the phone or the nearest Cafe. Writing fiction is her escape.

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Julie Chamberlain

Julie loves to plan a gathering, catch her meeting with those in the community sharing food and love of Jesus. She couldn’t do what she does without the help of a bunch of enthusiastic people around her.

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Quentin Nicolson

CHILDREN & YOUTH WORKER > Quentin became a member of OTBC through the student flat in 2015 and has been part of the church ever since. He was appointed his role in 2021 after 6 years serving as a volunteer at various programs. He facilitates faith growth in children through organising programs that provide fun, creativity, active learning and spirituality.

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Renee Davies

YOUTH TEAM LEADER > Renee joined OTBC in 2021 after moving down to Christchurch for study. She loves to work and connect with all kinds of people. She is passionate to help youth grow into resilient adults who are strong in their faith. She also loves getting outdoors on her bike.

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Chris Chamberlain

SENIOR MINISTER >Chris has been at Oxford Terrace since 2008, and for a lot of that time it has been about the crisis of earthquakes, and the process of recovery from their effects. Having to be versatile, coping with change, and negotiating with insurers have been common themes! He loves music, plays violin, and occasionally sings in a band.

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Jane Ye

ASSISTANT MINISTER > Jane came to Oxford Terrace as an intern, as part of her study at Vision College. She was appointed as Assistant Minister in 2016. Her work includes caring for Internationals, a Bible study group for Mandarin speakers and leading our third Sunday worship service which is in ‘easy English’. Jane has lived and worked in Asia.

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Andrew Meek

ASSISTANT MINISTER > Andrew grew up here at Oxford Terrace and after a season living in Auckland studying theology at Carey Baptist College was called back as Assistant Minister. Andrew oversees the Young Adults ministry and 11am Contemporary worship service. He is also quite fond of rugby, basketball and playing his guitar.

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Bradley Nicolson

KHL GENERAL MANAGER > Bradley came to Oxford Terrace through our student flat when he moved to Christchurch in 2011 to study Bachelor of Commerce at UC. Through KHL he oversees managing property & finances for Oxford Terrace and many other Churches & Trusts.

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Jing Smith

ADMINISTRATION/ FACILITIES > Jing is always ready to help you with administration and facility bookings. Jing is originally from China and holds a Bachelor of Arts. During a sojourn in 2018 she found the people and culture of Christchurch too inviting. Her family of four is now here to stay.