Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi:
With your food basket and my food basket, the people will thrive.

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That is what we’re about. Gospel renewal in people and places in all corners of the world. We primarily work in the continent of Asia, partnering with businesses and organisations who are daily bringing renewal to their local neighbourhoods. These include Joyya, The Loyal Workshop, and Woven Life Foundation, as well as student hostels around South Asia.


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Our work is based on these four values: a humble posture, respectful relationships, wholistic practice, and whakarongo (to listen). We seek these values in every partnership and work we are involved in.

We’ve been working globally for 135 years now with incredible support from many generous and sacrificial Kiwis. When you’ve been around for this many years, you learn a thing or two. We are proud to say we’re still learning and growing as an organisation, and are consistently striving to seek God’s quiet voice in whatever context we find ourselves in.

Prayer and Self Denial:
Prayer and Self Denial is an opportunity for faith communities to engage with us, and the amazing global work that is happening right now!


This appeal is an opportunity for your church to engage with stories from our global people and communities! We’re asking that you get involved and excited by the work Christ is doing through our team of global workers by praying and supporting their work. During these weeks, we’ll be sharing videos from our global locations and diving into the Word together, looking at every person’s role in the Missio Dei.
Whenever your faith community chooses- there’s 52 weeks to pick from!

Every person has a role in God’s work. Just as we are hands and feet in the local church, so too are we in the global whānau. This appeal asks you to be bold and take risks for the Kingdom of God.

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