May 21, 2019


Oxford Terrace Baptist Church has programs for primary school aged children. Activities for different age groups happen both on Sundays and during the week.  It is great to have children as a part of the church!


  • A Children’s Church program runs during the 11am church service. Programs are designed for primary aged children. These programs teach Bible stories and Christian values in a fun creative way to inspire children.
  • A Children’s Church program runs during the 2pm service. This is mostly fun and games with the children.

We endeavour to create a space where children can learn and encounter God, transforming their faith as they explore God’s story. Children get to know God and hear his voice through the Holy Spirit. God draws them closer while they are learning and discovering more about themselves and their relationship with Jesus. Programs are designed in reference to the faith formation of the children attending.

Holiday Programme 

-A Children’s Holiday Program is held for two days in every school holiday break. Donations are a recommended contribution for children who attend these programs.


  • Safety of children is paramount! Staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that the programs are a safe and secure environment for children.
  • Staff and volunteers attend training, are police vetted, and abide by our safety procedures.
  • All children must be signed in and out of the program in case of an emergency during the church service.  Children will not be released from the program until parents have returned for them and signed them out at the end of the church service.
  • Staff and key volunteers are all trained in first aid.
  • The church services are open to the public, and parents are responsible for the safety of their children before and after the children’s program.  
  • Younger children are taken to their parents for toileting, and older children use a designated toilet, to ensure the safety of all children.
  • Behaviour
  • Every child can have a bad day and Children’s Church may not hit the spot on a particular day. Leaders will make all the usual attempts to win them over but if a win is not possible leaders will find parents/caregivers to help out with that.
  • It is appreciated if preschool children are accompanied by a parent/caregiver when attending Children’s Church.
  • Children’s leaders/volunteers are keen to work together with parents to be inclusive of children who have specific needs or behavioural challenges. We will do our best to be as inclusive as possible, while balancing the child’s needs with the capacity of the volunteers and other children.  

Church should be a fun and safe environment in which our children can flourish.  If something concerns you or you notice a potential safety risk please contact